Start & finish routines

Both schools start and finish at the same time.

In the morning we ask all children to be in school, pencils at the ready at 0845. We start with a half an hour session with all children working on basic skills such as spellings, grammar, multiplication tables, handwriting and similar exercises. We believe that this sets the day up with a good learning atmosphere as well as time to practise these important skills.

There is a member of staff on duty in the playground from 0830 and the children will be brought into class just before 0845.

The day ends at 3pm after an act of collective worship at both schools. This gives us a reflective end to the day when everyone gathers together before going home.

Teaching staff are usually available for a quick catch up at the end of the day when they bring their classes out.

Lady Modiford's C. of E. Primary

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Meavy C. of E. Primary

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