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Check that your child:

• Is normally woken by and recognises

the sound of a smoke alarm

If they don’t, or they have a hearing

impairment or other disability, tell the

sleepover parents so that someone

must wake them and/or help them in

an emergency

• Knows what to do if they hear a smoke

alarm go off

• Knows not to hide

from fire

• Knows how to raise

the alarm

• Is happy to ask about the escape plan

of the place they are going to

• Will tell you if they don’t feel safe

If you are in any doubt:

• Reverse the sleepover and invite the

friend to your home instead

And remember to:

• Go through your fire plan with any

guests you have staying



• There will be a responsible

adult present at all times in

the property.

• There is a working smoke alarm.

If your child is invited to a sleepover you will want them to be safe - both in general

and in the event of a fire. So before you agree here are some things that might help.

Some of these questions may be

uncomfortable to ask but why not look

at it this way; you wouldn’t dream of

travelling in a car without seatbelts - they

are lifesavers if there is an accident.

Working smoke alarms and escape plans

are like seatbelts for sleepovers - you

hope never to need them - but they must

be there just in case ...

For further home fire safety information

please see our website – Acting to Protect & Save