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In Oak Class we promote an ethos of wanting to achieve and developing  an ownership over their learning.  We ensure your child reaches their full potential so they can move on to secondary school confident in their abilities, independent, responsible and ready for the next stage in their education.

Welcome back to school, all ready for the new school year!  This term we will be learning about ‘World War Two’.  Please click on the link below for more details.

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Our Victorian Experience!

Last Wednesday 9th October, Oak Class and Sheepstor Class went on a trip to the world famous copper mine, Morwellham Quay. This mine was one of the most important mines in the Victorian era, and for that reason it has been kept in the same condition as it was over a century ago. We got to experience four of the many amazing different activities, such as: The Victorian mine train, going into a Victorian school room, rock breaking and comparing domestic life in the Victorian era.

First we went on the mine train, and actually went into the mine that was used in the Victorian era by so many miners that risked their lives everyday. Then we had the chance to compare the rich house owned by the person that was in charge of most of the things that went on at Morwellham Quay and a simple miners house where we learnt that many of the mining families had to share the one cottage. After that we took a lesson in an old Victorian classroom and had to chant the words ‘Good, better, best, never let it rest, until my good is better, and my better best.’ Finally, we had a go at rock breaking where the adult miners would break up massive chunks of rock and would then give them to the children to break into smaller bits to find the golden copper that was inside.

Both classes enjoyed our time at Morwellham Quay and we learnt lots about the Victorian era.

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