Oak Y5&Y6

Welcome to Oak Class – Year 5/6

In Oak Class we promote an ethos of wanting to achieve and developing  an ownership over their learning.  We ensure your child reaches their full potential so they can move on to secondary school confident in their abilities, independent, responsible and ready for the next stage in their education.

Welcome back to School – Autumn Term 2018  

We hope you all had a wonderful and amazing Summer.  The children have come back to school with lots of enthusiasm and ready for the Autumn term.  Our topic for this Autumn is ‘The Victorians’.  Please click on the link below to find out more information about what we will be learning this term.

Topic Web Autumn 2018 Victorian Britain

Topic Web Summer 2018 Let’s Invent

Topic Web Spring 2018 China

Topic Web Autumn Term 2017 World War II


Oak Class were evacuated on Wednesday 4th October!

On the 4th October Oak Class and Sheepstor from Lady Modiford’s, went on a joint trip to the South Devon Stream Railway Station and Museum in Buckfastleigh as part of our World War Two topic. As we stopped off the coach, the smell of smoke from the stationary steam Engine hit us in the face and made us look over to the platform where our train stood, billowing smoke. It was a very exciting day. We explored a Wartime Garden and Anderson Shelter, went on a train ride to Totnes and back on the steam railway, tried on tin helmets and had fun leaning about ambulances and hospital, then we were shown round the Museum by our guide, who told us about how trains work! Overall it was an amazing day and we all discovered lots about WW2.

Written by ES aged 10 in Oak Class.


Meavy Museum – World War Two

Thank you to everyone who visited our World War Two Meavy Museum.  The children had such a great time preparing for the event and enjoyed sharing their learning with you!



Our topic for Summer Term is ‘The Victorians’.  Please click on the link below to find out more information about this term’s topic.
Topic Web Oak Class Summer Term 2017
Monday 22nd May 2017
John Boston (University Lecturer in Accountancy and Mrs Boston’s husband!) came to talk to Oak Class about profit and loss and how to run a successful business for their Fiver Challenge.  He inspired the children to think carefully about their business ideas, making sure they choose the right product or service to sell to make a profit.


Visual Poetry!
We have been looking at different visual poetry by Andy Goldsworthy and then created our own using natural objects from the school grounds.



Here are some of our fabulous Free Verse Poems – Enjoy!