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Welcome to the Chestnut Class Webpage – Autumn 2020

Term start letter 8 Sep 2020

Spellings Y3,4 Autumn1 2020 with 3 groups

Homework Chestnut Aut 2020

Topic Web Chestnut Aut 2020


Welcome to the Chestnut Class home learning zone – Summer Term 2020

Chestnut Wed 22 July 2020

Chestnut Tue 21 July 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT2 Describe a movement on a grid Y4 Worksheet2-Describe-movement-on-a-grid   Y4-ANS2

Year 3Y3-PPT2-The-8-times-table   Y3-Worksheet2-The-8-times-table Y3-Answers2

Speech marks worksheets Using Said Synonyms in Direct Speech Using Speech Punctuation Practise in Independent Writing

Chestnut Mon 20 July 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT1 Move on a grid 2020  Y4 Worksheet1-Move-on-a-grid  Y4-ANS1

Year 3  Y3  PPT1 Statistics Tables 2019  Y3-Worksheet1-Statistics Tables  Y3-ANS1

Spellings look-say-cover-Y34 Ordinary 20 July    look-say-cover-Y2 Whole 20 July

Staying in Chestnut class, going into Chestnut class activities:  Activities for my new teacher

Chestnut Fri 17 July 2020

Nrich  Shaping it

PE 9 Easy Games to Play with Kids Who are New to Cricket

Chestnut Thu 16 July 2020  

Year 4 Y4  PPT4 Draw on a grid   Y4 Worksheet 4 – Draw on a grid Y4 L4 Answers

Year 3  Y3 PPT4 Bar charts  Y3 Worksheet 4 – Bar charts   Y3 L4 Answers

Nrich Cartesian Puzzle

Chestnut Wed 15 July 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT3 Describe position Y4 worksheet 3 – Describe position Y4 L3 Answers

Year 3  Y3 PPT3 Pictograms Y3 worksheet 3 – Pictograms  Y3 L3 Answers

Nrich  Overlaps and Overlapping Again

English  Rio leaflet to type on   Rio leaflet to write on    Rio leaflet to write on version 2  Please print

Chestnut Tue 14 July 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT2 Complete a symmetric figure    Y4 Worksheet 2 – Complete a symmetric figure       Y4 L2 Answers

Year 3  Y3  PPT2 Add and subtract capacity     Y3 Worksheet 2 – Add and subtract capacity     Y3 L2 Answers

Nrich Bracelets  needs some kind of beads

Speech marks worksheets  Spot the Missing Speech Marks  Be the Teacher

Topic Brasilia map central area A3 Brasilia map whole area A3

Chestnut Mon 13 July 2020  

Year 4  Y4  PPT Lines of symmetry  Y4 worksheet 1 – Lines of symmetry Y4 L1 Answers

Year 3 Y3 PPT1 Compare capacity Y3 Worksheet 1 – Compare capacity Y3 L1 Answers

Nrich Shape mapping

Spellings  look-say-cover-Y2 Wild 13 July look-say-cover-Y34 Medicine 13 July Wordsearch Y2 Wild 13 July Wordsearch Y34 Medicine 13 July

Reading Information about Rio part 2 Reading Comprehension Rio info part 2 Reading Comp Answers Rio info part 2

Hedgerows Hedgerow recording sheet Hedgerow survey identification guide Invertebrates identification guide

Chestnut Fri 10 July 2020

Nrich  Jig Shapes  Nrich Jig shapes PDF  Please print Nrich Jig shapes bigger PDF

Chestnut Thu 9 July 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT4 Quadrilaterals  Y4 Worksheet 4 – Quadrilaterals Y4 L4 Answers

Year 3  Y3 Lesson 4 PPT Measure capacity (2) Y3 Lesson 4 worksheet  Y3 L4 Answers

Nrich Shape Draw

Art PPT Torres Garcia Making Picture Puzzles

Chestnut Wed 8 July 2020

Year 4  Y4  PPT3 Triangles  Y4 Worksheet 3 – Triangles  Y4 L3 Answers

Year 3  Y3 Lesson 3 PPT Add and subtract mass  Y3 Lesson 3 worksheet  Y3 L3 Answers

Nrich  Shapes on the playground (can be done at home!)

English/Topic  Information about Rio from websites  Wildlife extinction info from BBC Newsround

Chestnut Tue 7 July 2020

Year 4   Y4 PPT2 Compare and order angles  Y4 Worksheet 2 – Compare and order angles    L2 Answers

Year 3  Y3 Lesson 2 PPT Compare mass   Y3 Lesson 2 worksheet   Y3 L2 Answers

Nrich  NRICH-poster_ShapeTimesShape Speech marks worksheets Comic Strip Speech

Topic  Rio-Information-Powerpoint  Activity – Match up cards South America  Blank Map of Southern America  Information about Rio from websites

Chestnut Mon 6 July 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT1 Identify angles  Y4 Worksheet 1 – Identify angles    Y4 L 1 Answers

Year 3  Y3 Lesson  1  PPT Measure mass (2) Y3 Lesson 1 worksheet  Y3 L1 Answers

Nrich Twice as big Nrich Twice as big PDF Please print

Spellings look-say-cover-Y2 Path 6 July look-say-cover-Y34 Imagine 6 July Wordsearch Y2 Path 6 July Wordsearch Y34 Imagine 6 July

Reading Information about Rio part 1  Reading Comp Rio info part 1 Reading Comp Answers Rio 1


Chestnut Fri 3 July 2020   Live Music event today: see PPT for details.

Nrich LIVE Possible Pairs (triangles) PossiblePairs TriangleCards

Chestnut Thu 2 July 2020

English Inverted commas Powerpoint with writing activities

Year 4  Y4 PPT4 Line graphs Y4 Lesson 4 Worksheet Y4 L4 Answers

Year 3  Outdoor learning making 3D shapes – see daily PPT

Nrich Cutting Corners

Chestnut Wed 1 July 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT3 Introducing line graphs Y4 Lesson 3 Worksheet Y4 L3 Answers

Year 3  Y3 PPT3 Recognise and describe 3D shapes Y3 L3 Worksheet Y3 L3 Answers

Nrich  Tessellating Triangles

Topic  All-about-plastic-pollution-info and questions

Chestnut Tue 30 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT2 Comparison, sum and difference Y4 Lesson 2 Worksheet Y4L2 Answers

Year 3  Y3 PPT2 Recognise and describe 2D shapes Y3 L2 Worksheet Y3 L2 Answers

Nrich  (in-school) Polydron  (at-home) Tiles on a Patio

English  Fronted-adverbials-activity-booklet

Topic  PowerPoint Protecting the Rainforest Deforestation Debate Cards Deforestation Effects Activity Sheet Rainforest Promise Activity Sheet

Chestnut Mon 29 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 PPT1 Interpret charts Y4 Lesson 1 Worksheet Y4 L1 Answers

Year 3  Y3 PPT4 Draw accurately Y3 L1 Worksheet Y3 L1 Answers

Nrich  Match the Matches

Spellings look-say-cover-Y2 Busy 29June look-say-cover-Y34 Forward 29June wordsearch Y2 Busy 29 June wordsearch Y34 Forward 29 June

Calling all you Sportsters – Have a look at the Devon Virtual Games and see what you can enter

Devon Virtual Games site Launch video

Activity details  Dance-Challenge  Boccia-sockia-challenge Creative-challenge  Andy-Murray-100-Volley-Challenge    DevonVirtualGames-Overview-and-TCs

Chestnut Fri 26 June 2020

Nrich  LIVE Statement snap

Chestnut Thu 25 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Worksheet 4 Four operations    Y4 L4 Answers  Y4 PowerPoint 4

Year 3  Y3 Worksheet 4 Parallel and perpendicular Y3 L4 Answers Y3 PowerPoint 4

Nrich  Satisfying Statements

Topic  PowerPoint Rousseau Drawing Plants in Colour

Chestnut Wed 24 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Worksheet 3 Estimating money  Y4 L3 Answers  Y4 PowerPoint 3

Year 3  Y3 Worksheet 3 Horizontal and vertical  Y3 L3 Answers Y3 PowerPoint 3

Nrich  The Money Maze

Topic  Investigating Human impact on a mini habitat

Chestnut Tue 23 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Worksheet 2 – Ordering money  Y4 L2 Answers Y4 PowerPoint 2

Year 3  Y3 Worksheet 2 Compare angles Y3 L2 Answers Y3 PowerPoint 2

Nrich  Plenty of Pens

Topic PowerPoint The Amazon Comparing Forests Activity Sheet Forest Fact Sheets

Chestnut Mon 22 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Worksheet 1 Pounds and pence  Y4 L1 Answers Y4 PowerPoint 1

Year 3  Y3 Worksheet 1 Right angles in shapes    Y3 L1 Answers   Y3 PowerPoint 1

Spellings  look-say-cover Y2 Who 22 June look-say-cover-Y34 Eight 22 June wordsearch Y2 Who 22 June wordsearch Y34 Eight 22 June

English  Antonio’s Rainforest book extract   Outdoor Learning  mathematical-scavenger-hunt

Nrich LIVE Strike it Out StrikeItOut2020PowerPoint

Chestnut Fri 19 June 2020

Nrich Amy’s Dominoes

Topic  Worm-charming

Have a look at Aidan’s writing about the Teatro Amazonas  Teatro Amazonas by Aidan


Chestnut Thu 18 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 L4 Worksheet Efficient subtraction Y4 L4 Answers Y4 PowerPoint4

Year 3  Y3 L4 Worksheet Calculate perimeter Y3 L4 Answers Y3 PowerPoint4

Chestnut Wed 17 June 2020

Year 4 Y4 L3 Worksheet Subtract two 4-digit num more ex Y4 L3 Answers  Y4 PowerPoint3

Year 3 Y3 L3 Measure perimeter Y3 L3 Answers Y3 PowerPoint3

Nrich Square subtraction

Topic  PowerPoint Invertebrate Hunt Activity Sheet tick sheet Word Mat Invertebrates Classification Key Activity Sheet One in detail

Chestnut Tue 16 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 L2 Worksheet Subtract 4-digit num one ex Y4 L2 Answers  Y4 PowerPoint2

Year 3  Y3 L2 Worksheet Subtract lengths  Y3 L2 Answers Y3 PowerPoint2

Nrich  Next Number

English  Fronted-adverbials-activity-booklet

Topic  Main activity-micro-journey-1  Extra ideas-with-string

Chestnut Mon 15 June 2020

Year 4 Y4 L1 Worksheet Subtract 4-digit num no ex Y4 L1 Answers Y4 PowerPoint1

Year 3 Y3 L1 Worksheet Add lengths Y3 L1 Answers Y3 PowerPoint1

Nrich  Page numbers

English Reading Comp Antonio’s Rf Rubber Boom  Antonio’s Rainforest book extract

Spellings look-say-cover-write-and-check-Earth Y34 Wordsearch Y34 Earth 15 June 2020

look-say-cover-write-and-check-Eye Y2 Wordsearch Y2 Eye

Topic  PowerPoint Rainforest Climate   Activity Sheets   Symbols Sheet

Chestnut Fri 12 June 2020

Nrich  Diagonal Sums 100 square

Topic Animal-track-trap

Chestnut Thu 11 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Lesson 4 Add two 4-digit numbers with exch   Y4 Answers Y4  PowerPoint4

Year 3 Y3 Lesson 4 Compare lengths Y3 Answers Y3 PowerPoint 4

Topic  Flextangle Stepbystep Instructions Animal Patterns Blank Template Fruit Plants  Rainforest

Nrich: The deca tree

Chestnut Wed 10 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Lesson 3 Add two 4-digit numbers one exch    Y4 Answers Y4 PowerPoint3

Year 3  Y3 Lesson 3 Equivalent lengths mm and cm   Y3 Answers  Y3 PowerPoint 3

Topic  Lesson PowerPoint Classifying Vertebrates Activity Sheet Vertebrates  Photo Sorting Cards

Nrich: Space distances

Chestnut Tue 9 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Lesson 2 Add two 4-digit numbers no exch Y4 Answers   Y4 PowerPoint2

Year 3  Y3 Lesson 2  Equivalent lengths m and cm   Y3 Answers Y3 PowerPoint 2

Topic Christian-Churches PowerPoint  Worship Buildings Factfile Worksheet

Nrich: Adding plus

Fastmaths:  Fastmaths level 4 Fastmaths level 4 answers Fastmaths level 5 Fastmaths level 5 answers

Chestnut 8 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Lesson 1  1s, 10s, 100s, 1,000s   Y4 Answers   Y4 PowerPoint1

Year 3 Y3 Lesson 1  Measure length   Y3 Answers Y3 PowerPoint 1

English  Reading Comp Antonio’s Home    Antonio’s Rainforest book extract

Outdoor learning Ways-to-measure-a-tree

Nrich: It was 2010!

Chestnut 5 June 2020

Year 4 Y4 Worksheet Round to 1000 Y4 Answers Y4 Powerpoint

Year 3 Y3 Worksheet Lesson 4 Estimate answers Y3 Answers Video

Topic Animal Groups Sorting Cards Answers SafariPatterns

Chestnut 4 June 2020

Year 4 Y4 Worksheet Number line to 10,000 Y4 Answers Y4 Powerpoint

Year 3 Y3 Worksheet Lesson 3 Subtract a 3-digit number exch Y3 Answers Video

Topic Geography Brazil Cities clearer maps

Chestnut 3 June 2020

Year 4  Y4 Worksheet Order numbers Y4 Answers Y4 Powerpoint

Year 3  Y3 Lesson 2 Subtract 3-digit numbers Y3 Answers  Video

Topic Tree Identification Activity Sheet Tree Identification Photo Activity Sheet

Brazil Snapshot Worksheet (alternative to yesterday’s)

Chestnut 2 June 2020

Geography: Brazil Powerpoint Brazil Fact Sheet Writing Template

Year 4  Y4 Worksheet Compare 4-digit numbers  Y4 Answers   Y4 Powerpoint

Year 3  Y3 Lesson 1 Add two 3-digit numbers   Y3 Answers  Video

Chestnut 22 May 2020

Y3-Using-am-and-pm-2020 Answers

Chestnut 21 May 2020

Please click on the links below to access maths powerpoint, worksheets and answers for Thursday 21 May:

Y4-Analogue-to-digital-24-hour-2020 Answers

Y3-Telling-the-time-to-the-minute-2020 Answers

Chestnut 20 May 2020

Please click on the links below to access maths powerpoint, worksheets and answers for Wednesday 20 May:

Y4-Analogue-to-digital-12-hour-2020 Answers

Y3-Telling-the-time-to-5-minutes-2020 Answers

Chestnut 19 May 2020

Please click on the links below to access maths worksheets and answers for Tuesday 19 May:

Y4-years-months-weeks-and-days-2020   Y4-Years-months-weeks-and-days-2020
Y4-Years-months-weeks-and-days-2020 Answers

Y3-Hours-in-a-day-2020     Y3-Hours-in-a-day-2020
Y3-Hours-in-a-day-2020 Answers

Chestnut 18 May 2020

Please click on the links below to access maths worksheets and answers for Monday 18 May:

Y4-Hours-minutes-and-seconds-2020         Y4-hours-minutes-and-seconds-2020
Y4-Hours-minutes-and-seconds-2020 Answers

Y3-Months-and-years-2020          Y3-Months-and-years-2020
Y3-Months-and-years-2020 Answers

Chestnut 15 May 2020

Year 3 and 4 Family-Challenge-Friday-15th       Answers-Friday-15th

Chestnut 14 May 2020

Please click on the links below to access maths worksheets and answers for Thursday 14 May:

Lesson-4-Counting-squares       Lesson-4-Answers-Counting-squares

Lesson-4-Scaling       Lesson-4-Answers-Scaling

Chestnut 13 May 2020

Please click on the links below to access maths worksheets and answers for Wednesday 13 May:

Lesson-3-Perimeter-of-rectilinear-shapes   Lesson-3-Answers-Perimeter-of-rectilinear-shapes

Lesson-3-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit   Lesson-3-Answers-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit

Chestnut 12 May 2020

Please click on the links below to access maths worksheets and answers for Tuesday 12 May:

Lesson-2-Perimeter-of-a-rectangle   Lesson-2-Answers-Perimeter-of-a-rectangle

Lesson-2-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-   Lesson-2-Answers-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit

Chestnut 11 May 2020

Now the ‘Easter holidays’ are over, we will be uploading a daily power point slide outlining your learning for the day. On these slides we have outlined some daily activities using a similar structure to that of a school day. This is not intended to be followed rigidly as we appreciate that there are lots of other things going on at home. Please try to do a few of these as and when you can. The power points will remain on the website, so you can access them when you need to.  Any additional resources will be clearly marked on the class web page.  The slides will contain links to other websites, so you must make sure the power point is in slideshow to allow these links to work.   I hope you enjoy your daily learning!

Have fun!

Mr Parkin

Chestnut 7 May 2020

Chestnut 6 May 2020

Chestnut 5 May 2020

Chestnut 4 May 2020

Chestnut 1 May 2020

Chestnut 30 April 2020

Chestnut 29 April 2020

Chestnut 28 April 2020

Chestnut 27 April 2020

Chestnut 24 April 2020  and you’ll need this too  alphabet_powerpoint

Chestnut 23 April 2020

Chestnut 22 April 2020

Chestnut 21 April 2020

Chestnut 20 April 2020

Chestnut Start of the Day activities and other ideas

Chestnut 17-April-2020

Chestnut 16-April-2020

Chestnut 15 April 2020

Chestnut 14 April 2020                                      ordering to 10000            ordering to 1000

The spellings for this term are below. Don’t forget you can use to practice, using the code on the list.

Spellings Chestnut Summer 2020

Please see the update with a preview of next term: Home Learning Update Chestnut 27 March 2020

Please see the link below for a helpful update on Maths lessons: Home Learning Update Chestnut 23 March 2020

Most of the ideas are in this document: School at home Chestnut 20 Mar 2020

This is to use with your writing (see letter above) Writing evaluation Romans

For those of you willing to print, here are the fast maths sheets we use in school. You can mix up the numbers to give variety – I’ve left them editable.  Year 4 s will need to be able to complete level 5 in 10 minutes.          Fastmaths level 4 answers          Fastmaths level 4           Fastmaths level 5 answers         Fastmaths level 5

You can get free access to Collins resources including tables practice at

Here is a list of many other free websites with varied educational activities list of educational websites

Keeping active: there are lots of great ideas on the website and you add your activity to the class total. Search using the postcode PL20 6PJ and then choose West Dartmoor Federation and our team CHESTNUT. Or try this link  There are daily PE workouts at 9am with Joe Wicks: see this link




Welcome to the Spring Term 2020 in Chestnut Class!

Here are our plans for the next term, the homework activities sheet, the spellings lists for both half terms and any letters home.

Y2 Y3 Grounds letter 5 Feb

Y4 Dance Day letter 5 Feb

Cross Country team letter Feb Mar 2020

Letter Sports Events Jan 2020

Welcome letter Chestnut Spring 2020

Topic Web Chestnut Spring 2020

Homework Chestnut Spring 2020

Spellings Chestnut Spring 2020 part 1

Spellings Chestnut Aut 2019 part 2

Autumn term 2019

Trip letter Lamerton multiskills 10 Oct

Trip letter Bellever by Coach 23 Sept

Trip letter Meavy Valley by car 30 Sept

Homework Chestnut Aut 2019

Spellings Chestnut Aut 2019 part 1

Spellings Chestnut Aut 2019 part 2

Topic Web Chestnut Aut 2019

Welcome letter Chestnut Aut 2019

Summer Term 2019

Swimming letter June 2019

Oak fair letter June 2019

Letter Plymouth trip May 2019

Letter Quad Kids May 2019

Spellings Y34 Summer 2019

Homework Chestnut Summer 2019

Term start letter Chestnut Summer 2019

Topic web Chestnut Summer 2019

Spring Term 2019:

Spellings Y34 Spring 2019

Start of Term letter Chestnut Spring 2019

Topic web Chestnut Spring 2019

Look at our awesome suspension bridges from Autumn 2018:

Autumn Term 2018

Topic web Chestnut Class Autumn 2018

Homework Chestnut Class Autumn 2018

Spellings Y34 Autumn1 2018

Spellings Y34 Autumn2 2018

Term start letter Chestnut Autumn 2018

River Meavy Source Walk letter Sept 2018


Photos from Summer 2018: Science Week and Bluebell Woods Walk


Summer Term 2018 documents:

Homework Chestnut Class Summer 2018

Spellings Y3 Y4 Summer 2018

Term start letter Chestnut Summer 2018

Topic web Chestnut Summer 2018

Spring Term 2018 photos: Cross-country teams at the Devon School Games and our trip to Exeter walls and cathedral:

Spring Term 2018 documents:

Topic web Chestnut class Spring 2018

Homework Chestnut Class Spring 2018

Spellings lists Y3 Y4 Spring 2018

Term start letter Chestnut Spring 2018

Photos from Autumn 2017: Maths at the stone row on the moors

Documents from Autumn 2017:

Spellings Y3 Y4 Autumn1 2017

Spellings Y3 Y4 Autumn2 2017

Documents from 2016-17:




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