Chestnut Y3&Y4

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back after the summer, I hope you all had an enjoyable one. Please find attached the topic web for this Autumn Term. Our topic will be River and Mountain Explorers.

Tent Day

This Thursday, 8th September, we are going to have a tent day. If your child has a small tent that they are able to put up, they can bring it in this Thursday. We will put them up in the school grounds and do some writing and other work in them, and have a fun imaginative time.

Outdoor Learning and Trips

This term I plan for us to do some full-day off-site activities (instead of afternoons) as this will better enhance our topic work.

We will walk the route of the river Meavy from its source to the school on Friday 16th September. I will be asking you to drop your child(ren) off in Princetown that morning.

We will walk alongside the lower River Plym including Plymbridge Woods and Saltram alongside the estuary in October, date to be confirmed. We will travel by coach.

We will also walk to various local war memorials as part of our preparation for the Remembrance Day Service, in late October or early November.


The children will have some spellings to learn each week to be tested on Thursday. Please only try to learn one set of words each week. Some weeks there are a mixture of words but usually there will be a clear pattern linking the words such as a common suffix. It is more important to learn the rule or pattern than the individual words. Spellings work in school will be related to the word lists each week. Please remember that spellings are only a part of writing, and not as important as content and style; and also that spelling well in actual writing is much more important than a score in a spelling test.

Multiplication Tables

Also on a Thursday, the children will work on their multiplication tables. Please help them to practise these at home; they need to be able to do them in any order, not just reciting them from one times……is, two times….is, etc.


Some children will continue with a home-school reading record, as used in years 1 and 2. For these children practising frequently with an adult is very important.

Other children will use a reading journal to record their own reading in. They are listing the books they have read at the back of the journal. At the front of the journal they will write reviews and other activities. As a guide, I would like them to read at least 4 books of about 100 pages length in each term. This much better than them spending the whole term wading through a very long book. In their journals there is a grid showing some activities that can be done either during or at the end of a book. For some children, it is appropriate for them to read aloud to an adult; for the more able it is better if they talk about the books they have read. They may also like to use audio books to make longer or more difficult texts accessible to them.


On most weeks, I will set homework on Friday to be completed and handed in by the following Tuesday. The homework should always relate to things we have recently done in lessons, and so your child should be able to explain it to you. Sometimes it will be a game to play. When there isn’t set homework, don’t forget there’s reading, spellings and multiplication tables to practice!

This week I would like the children to write something in their reading journals, even an entry in their book list.


Your child will need to have their PE kit in school every day as I will try to utilise periods of fine weather to do PE. It is most likely to be on a Tuesday and either Monday or Friday. Please encourage your child to bring a sweatshirt and/or light waterproof for P.E. in addition to their usual kit, especially as the weather deteriorates.

I hope we all enjoy the term’s work.

Yours Sincerely,

D.M. Parkin.