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Welcome to the Chestnut Class Webpage – Spring 2021

Wednesday 27th January  Chestnut-Wed-27-Jan-2021

English Commands and Rhetorical Questions 27th January  History   Maya God Fact file

Year 4 Video Worksheets  Y4-WO11-Correspondence-problems  Answers  Y4-ANS11-Correspondence-problems

Year 3 Video Worksheets  Y3-WO9-How-many-ways  Answers  Y3-ANS9-How-many-ways

Year 2 Video only

Tuesday 26th January Chestnut-Tue-26-Jan-2021

Designing Character Sheet 26th January

Year 4 Video  Y4-WO10-Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit  Answers  Y4-ANS10-Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit

Year 3 Video  Y3-WO7-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-3   Answers  Y3-ANS7-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-3

Year 2 Video  Worksheets Y2-WO2-Make-equal-groups-grouping Answers Y2-ANS2-Make-equal-groups-grouping

Monday 25th January  Chestnut-Mon-25-Jan-2021

English  Co-ordinating conjunctions writing task and but or so matching game ISAWAWABUB Year 3 4 work sheets Geog Human and Physical Features sorting cards

Year 4 Video Worksheets Y4-WO9-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2   Answers   Y4-ANS9-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2

Year 3 Video  Worksheets  Y3-WO6-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2   Answers   Y3-ANS6-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2

Year 2 Video Worksheets Y2-WO1-Make-equal-groups-sharing-   Answers Y2-ANS1-Make-equal-groups-sharing

Reading for the week Two for One Unusual Olympic Sports Breaking News Unbelievable Usain Retires An Egg-cellent Competition

Friday 22nd January Chestnut-Fri-22-Jan-2021

Thursday 21st January  Chestnut-Thu-21-Jan-2021

Notepad writing paper Crayon-Page-Borders-for Chestnut display

Year 4 Video  Worksheets  Y4-WO8-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-1  Answers  Y4-ANS8-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-1

Year 3 Video Worksheets  Y3-WO5-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-1  Answers  Y3-ANS5-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-1

Year 2 Video  Worksheets  Y2-Autumn-Block-4-WO9-The-10-times-table-2019 Answers Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS9-The-10-times-table-2019

Wednesday 20th January  Chestnut-Wed-20-Jan-2021   PE Equipment Planning Sheet

Year 4 Worksheets 2 digits mult 2dby1d 1 3 digits mult 3dby1(Challenge – Use Twinkl Go sheets – see main PPT)

Year 3 Video Worksheets  Y3-WO4-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2  Answers  Y3-ANS4-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2

Year 2 Video  Worksheets Y2-WO8-The-5-times-table  Answers Y2-ANS8-The-5-times-table

Science Recording Sheet

Tuesday 19th January Chestnut-Tue-19-Jan-2021-v2

Year 4  (Use Twinkl Go sheets)

Year 3 Video  (Worksheets see main PPT)

Year 2 Video  Worksheets Y2-Autumn-Block-4-WO7-The-2-times-table-2019  Answers  Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS7-The-2-times-table-2019

Monday 18th January Chestnut-Mon-18-Jan-2021

Daily life in Ancient Maya     Contractions apostrophe practice

Maths Year 4 Video Worksheet Y4-Spring-Block-1-WO7-Multipl-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019  Answers  Y4-Spring-Block-1-ANS7-Multipl-3-digits-by-1-digit-2019

Maths Year 3 Video Worksheet  Y3-Spring-Block-1-WO3-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-1-2019   Answers  Y3-Spring-Block-1-ANS3-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-1-2019

Maths Year 2 Video Worksheet Y2-Autumn-Block-4-WO6-Use-arrays-2019  Answers  Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS6-Use-arrays-2019

Friday 15th January  Chestnut-Fri-15-Jan-2021

Thursday 14th January Chestnut-Thu-14-Jan-2021

Writing planning Planning Sheet 14th Jan

Maths Year 4 Video WorksheetY4-Spring-Block-1-WO6-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2019   AnswersY4-Spring-Block-1-ANS6-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2019

Maths Year 3 Video    This video has no worksheet, but if you need extra practice see the PPT for more.

Maths Year 2 Video  Worksheet  Y2-Autumn-Block-4-WO5-Multiplication-sentences-from-pictures-2019   Answers  Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS5-Multiplication-sentences-from-pictures-2019

Wednesday 13th January Chestnut-Wed-13-Jan-2021

FastMaths: FastMaths level 4 FastMaths level 3 FastMaths level 2

Maths Year 4 Video  Worksheet Y4-Spring-Block-1-WO2-Multiply-3-numbers-2019   Answers Y4-Spring-Block-1-ANS2-Multiply-3-numbers-2019

Maths Year 3 Video Worksheet  Y3-Spring-Block-1-ANS2-Related-calculations-2019  Answers Y3-Spring-Block-1-WO2-Related-calculations-2019

Maths Year 2 Video Worksheet Y2-Autumn-Block-4-WO4-Multiplication-sentences-using-the-x-symbol-2019  Answers  Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS4-Multiplication-sentences-using-the-x-symbol-2019

Geography map of south america map of north america Activity Sheets

Daily Worship week 1 the wise men’s visit

Tuesday 12th January Chestnut-Tue-12-Jan-2021

Maths Year 4 Video Worksheet  Y4-Spring-Block-1-WO3-Factor-pairs-2019  Answers Y4-Spring-Block-1-ANS3-Factor-pairs-2019

Maths Year 3 Video Worksheet Y3-Spring-Block-1-WO1-Comparing-statements-2019 Answers  Y3-Spring-Block-1-ANS1-Comparing-statements-2019

Maths Year 2 Video  Worksheet  Y2-Autumn-Block-4-WO3-Add-equal-groups-2019  Answers Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS3-Add-equal-groups-2019

Oak lesson video:  The day the Crayons Quit read the story

Book Day the Crayons Quit part1

Monday 11th January 2021   Chestnut-Mon-11-Jan-2021 (1)

Maths Year 4/3 code RW7841 and do a Pea Pod worksheet

Maths Year 2 Video  Worksheet Y2-Autumn-Block-4-WO1-Recognise-equal-groups-2019 Answers Y2-Autumn-Block-4-ANS1-Recognise-equal-groups-2019

Here are some learning activities for you to do at home this week, ending 8 Jan 2021

Maths: (Your child will know which group maths work they usually do – if in doubt email me) White Rose sheets for Group 2  Y2-WO4-Multiplication-sentences-using-the-x-symbol Y2-WO5-Multiplication-sentences-from-pictures Y2-ANS5-Multiplication-sentences-from-pictures Y2-ANS4-Multiplication-sentences-using-the-x-symbol   Group 3 Y3-WO-2-4-and-8-times-tables Y3-ANS-2-4-and-8-times-tables   Group 4 Y4-Spring-Block-1-WO1-11-and-12-times-table-2019 Y4-Spring-Block-1-ANS1-11-and-12-times-table-2019

Maths: multiplication matching cards online:

Maths investigations: “Flashing lights”  “Times tables shifts”

Spellings: revision of last half-term: Group 432 Autumn 2 Spellings revision

Writing and Science: Writing and Science activities 8 Jan 2021

From Monday, we will be uploading a daily power point slide outlining your learning for the day. On these slides we have outlined some daily activities using a similar structure to that of a school day. This is not intended to be followed rigidly as we appreciate that there are lots of other things going on at home. Please also use the activities on other class power points if these are more appropriate for your child. If you are not sure which work is most suitable for your child, please contact us using the class email. We will be asking you to email in a piece of writing and some feedback about the maths work each week.

The power points will remain on the website, so you can access them when you need to.  Any additional resources will be clearly marked on the class web page.  The slides will contain links to other websites, so you must make sure the power point is in slideshow to allow these links to work.   I hope you enjoy your daily learning!

Mr Parkin

Welcome to the Chestnut Class Webpage – Autumn 2020

Our Remembrance Poem

Term start letter 8 Sep 2020

Spellings Y3,4 Autumn1 2020 with 3 groups

Homework Chestnut Aut 2020

Topic Web Chestnut Aut 2020

Welcome to the Chestnut Class home learning zone – Summer Term 2020

Here is a list of many other free websites with varied educational activities list of educational websites

Welcome to the Spring Term 2020 in Chestnut Class!

Here are our plans for the next term, the homework activities sheet, the spellings lists for both half terms and any letters home.

Y2 Y3 Grounds letter 5 Feb

Y4 Dance Day letter 5 Feb

Cross Country team letter Feb Mar 2020

Letter Sports Events Jan 2020

Welcome letter Chestnut Spring 2020

Topic Web Chestnut Spring 2020

Homework Chestnut Spring 2020

Spellings Chestnut Spring 2020 part 1

Spellings Chestnut Aut 2019 part 2

Autumn term 2019

Trip letter Lamerton multiskills 10 Oct

Trip letter Bellever by Coach 23 Sept

Trip letter Meavy Valley by car 30 Sept

Homework Chestnut Aut 2019

Spellings Chestnut Aut 2019 part 1

Spellings Chestnut Aut 2019 part 2

Topic Web Chestnut Aut 2019

Welcome letter Chestnut Aut 2019

Summer Term 2019

Swimming letter June 2019

Oak fair letter June 2019

Letter Plymouth trip May 2019

Letter Quad Kids May 2019

Spellings Y34 Summer 2019

Homework Chestnut Summer 2019

Term start letter Chestnut Summer 2019

Topic web Chestnut Summer 2019

Spring Term 2019:

Spellings Y34 Spring 2019

Start of Term letter Chestnut Spring 2019

Topic web Chestnut Spring 2019

Look at our awesome suspension bridges from Autumn 2018:

Autumn Term 2018

Topic web Chestnut Class Autumn 2018

Homework Chestnut Class Autumn 2018

Spellings Y34 Autumn1 2018

Spellings Y34 Autumn2 2018

Term start letter Chestnut Autumn 2018

River Meavy Source Walk letter Sept 2018


Photos from Summer 2018: Science Week and Bluebell Woods Walk


Summer Term 2018 documents:

Homework Chestnut Class Summer 2018

Spellings Y3 Y4 Summer 2018

Term start letter Chestnut Summer 2018

Topic web Chestnut Summer 2018

Spring Term 2018 photos: Cross-country teams at the Devon School Games and our trip to Exeter walls and cathedral:

Spring Term 2018 documents:

Topic web Chestnut class Spring 2018

Homework Chestnut Class Spring 2018

Spellings lists Y3 Y4 Spring 2018

Term start letter Chestnut Spring 2018

Photos from Autumn 2017: Maths at the stone row on the moors

Documents from Autumn 2017:

Spellings Y3 Y4 Autumn1 2017

Spellings Y3 Y4 Autumn2 2017

Documents from 2016-17:




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