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Welcome to our class page!

On this page you will find our class Topic Web and the class letters that are sent out each week. You will also find a list of Year 1 and 2 common exception words, these are the words that children are expected to learn each week. Please remember to read with your children as often as possible!

Miss Williams

11.9.20 Beech Weekly Letter

04.9.20 Beech Weekly Letter

Beech Class Topic Web Autumn 2020 Superheroes

Common exception words Year 1 and 2





Welcome to Beech Class Home Learning Zone!

On this page we aim to signpost you to websites that can support your child’s learning journey as it continues at home.

As we move forward into our new term of Home Learning, we are going to be providing you with some daily activities. This will follow a similar structure to that of a school day. It is not intended to be followed rigidly as we appreciate that there are a lot of other things going on at home. The daily packs will remain on the website so you can access them when you need to.

The pack includes a rainbow tracker that carry over the week as it does in class. This provides extra little activities linked to the week’s learning and can be dipped into as and when you wish.

Please note if your child is in KS1 Phonics group, they will complete that activity and the Y2 spelling group will complete their activity. It is not intended for all to do both activities.

We would love to see their efforts so please take photographs and email them to our new class email account: – we look forward to seeing their brilliant work!

Home Learning Packs

Tuesday 14th April  – click here to download the KS1 pack.

Day 1 KS1 140420 final

Wednesday 15th April       Wednesday KS1 150420  

Thursday 16th April           Thursday KS1 160420

Friday 17th April                 KS1 Friday 170420

Week beginning Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April             monday KS1 200420

Tuesday 21st April              Tuesday KS1 210420

Wednesday 22nd April      Wednesday KS1 220420

Thursday 23rd April    Thursday KS1 230420

Friday 24th April      KS1 Friday 240420

Week beginning Monday 27th April

Monday 27th April      monday KS1 270420

Tuesday 28th April  Tuesday KS! r 280420

Wednesday 29th April  Wednesday KS1 290420

Thursday 30th April  Thursday KS1 300420

Friday 1st May Friday KS1 010520

Week beginning Monday 4th May

Monday 4th May     monday KS1 040520

Tuesday 5th May     tuesday KS1 050520

Wednesday 6th May  wednesday KS1 060520

Thursday 7th May  Thursday KS1 070520

Week beginning Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May  monday KS1 110520

Tuesday 12th May Tuesday KS1 120520

Wednesday 13th May  Wednesday KS1 130520

Thursday 14th May Thursday KS1 140520

Friday 15th May  Friday KS1 150520

Week beginning Monday 18th May

Monday 18th May  monday KS1 180520

Tuesday 19th May    Tuesday KS1 190520

Wednesday 20th May  Wednesday KS1 200520

Thursday 21st May Thursday KS1 210520

Friday 22nd May    Friday KS1 190620

Welcome back after the half term break. We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine.

Please click on the links below to download the KS1 pack.

Week beginning 1st June

Tuesday 2nd June  tuesday KS1 020620

Wednesday 3rd June wednesday KS1 030620

Thursday 4th June  Thursday KS1 040620

Friday 5th June  Friday KS1 050620 ) 

Week beginning 8th June

Monday 8th June    Monday KS1 080620

Tuesday 9th June    Tuesday KS1 090620

Wednesday 10th June  Wednesday KS1 100620

Thursday 11th June  Thursday KS1 110620

Friday 12th June  Friday KS1 120620

Week beginning Monday 15th June

Monday 15th June    Monday KS1 150620

Tuesday 16th June  Tuesday KS1 160620

Wednesday 17th June Wednesday KS1 170620

Thursday 18th June  Thursday KS1 180620

Friday 19th June    Friday KS1 190620

Week Beginning Monday 22nd June

Monday 22nd June  Monday KS1 220620

Tuesday 23rd June  Tuesday KS1 230620

Wednesday 24th June  Wednesday KS1 240620

Thursday 25th June    Thursday KS1 250620

Friday 26th June  Friday KS1 260620

Week beginning Monday 29th June

Monday 29th June  Monday KS1 290620

Tuesday 30th June  Tuesday KS1 300620

Wednesday 1st July   Wednesday KS1 010720

Thursday 2nd July  Thursday KS1 020720

Friday 3rd July  Friday KS1 030720

Week beginning Monday 6th July

Monday 6th July  Monday KS1 060720

Tuesday 7th July  Tuesday KS1 070720

Wednesday 8th July Wednesday KS1 080720

Thursday 9th July  Thursday KS1 090720

Friday 10th July  Friday KS1 100720

Week beginning 13th July

Monday 13th July  Monday KS1 130720

Tuesday 14th July  Tuesday KS1 140720

Wednesday 15th July Wednesday KS1 150720    (please view today’s powerpoint as a slideshow for the Art activity)

Thursday 16th July  Thursday KS1 160720

Friday 17th July  Friday KS1 170720

Week beginning 20th July

Monday 20th July  Monday KS1 200720

Tuesday 21st July Tuesday KS1 210720

Wednesday 22nd July  Wednesday KS1 220720

Daily activities

St.Christopher’s mat have a collective worship channel. It can be found at

Phonics – Please encourage your child to access the website ‘Phonics Play.’ Here you will find lots of games and activities that will support and consolidate your child’s current learning. Year 1 children should use the phase 5 section. We especially love ‘Reading Robot’ as it helps us to read nonsense and real word (they are fantastic at this!). We sometimes like to play hangman with simple words and make up our own alien words.

Please use the username march20 and the password home

Writing – Encourage your child to draw/stick in a picture and write in their book.  Beech Class have been doing lots of work on using interesting vocabulary and are working hard to remember capital letters and full stops. They are also working really hard on their handwriting.  – Lots of picture stimulus for creative writing.

Reading  – This could be books, comics, recipes etc. It is really important that the children discuss what they have read, ask them questions, encourage them to ask questions, talk about what has happened already and what might happen next. Reading to your child is just as important.

Big Cat Collins have a login for parents where you can read leveled ebooks. These are books that the children use in school. –
Username   password Parents20!

The Oxford Owl website also has lots of online age appropriate reading books that you can access –

Maths – There is so much opportunity for maths in real life – cooking is a great way of developing maths skills. Telling the time is another great maths skill to practice at home. Children can also be practicing their times tables, in particular 2, 5 and 10. In addition we have sent home some fractions work sheets for Year 2 some addition and subtraction practice sheets for the Year 1s.

The following websites/links have lots of maths games and ideas – Have a look at the live problems on here. Year 2 children should be able to tackle the fractions problems and the Year 1 children could have a go at the matching numbers.  – The topmarks website has lots of other great games

Year 1 Free Maths Home Learning Pack -to download and print or for ideas.

Year-1-Maths presentation Addition and Subtraction Week 1 

Maths and Addition Workbook

Maths and Addition Workbook Maths and Addition Workbook – ANSWERS   – for support learning times tables. –  Click on your child’s year group and have a go at the lessons on here!

Keeping active

There are lots of great ideas on the website and you can add your activity to the class total. Search using the postcode PL20 6PJ and then choose West Dartmoor Federation and our team Beech. – Every weekday morning at 9am Joe Wicks is doing a live workout – it is hard work but great fun go crazy with some dance routines to follow more crazy dancing

Additional resources and ideas – ‘School of Ruck’ this page has some great activities including spellings, maths and interesting information to learn about. Follow the link and have a look at the KS1 challenge. Out of the Ark are offering free songs for children to learn with different activities to go with these. – follow this link to see the animals of Edinburgh zoo on their webcams!

Year 1 Science Learning from Home (Animals, Including Humans) Activity Booklet – a video dramatisation of the life of Mary Anning (linked to our science work and history work) Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS

This website is packed with lots of learning resources covering all areas of the curriculum, organised in year groups. Lots of educational games Virtual museum and gallery tours National Geographic for kids  Lots of outdoor activities lots of arts and crafts ideas lots of arts and crafts ideas practical ideas and suggestions for educational apps There are some really good cbeebies programmes. Numberblocks in particular 50 outdoor activities for kids

TheDadLab on Facebook has some really good science activities to try.

The Field Studies Council is offering some fun geography activities that you can have a go at!

We know that is an uncertain time for all of us, and as always we appreciate your continued support and understanding.

With best wishes,

Miss Williams


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