Vixen Tor FS, Y1&Y2

starting school booklet 2017 LM

Welcome to Vixen Tor Class

We are a very busy Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 class who love to learn. We have started our new school year full of enthusiasm and excitement!

Our new topic is Dinosaurs.

Spring Term Dinosaur plan



The children are very excited with our new topic and are looking forward to our new term!


See what we did last term!

          Foundation were busy finding out about the changes that occur in Autumn.

We have been very lucky to be visited by a member of the community who has lived in the village ever since she was born. The children asked her lots of questions and she shared her memories and some photographs with the children.

We visited the Church to discover more about our Village.

We produced some fantastic homework – here are a few examples.


We shared our learning with our families on our Come and See our Learning afternoon.

 Our Christmas activities 


The children enjoyed decorating the Village tree with our Christmas wishes.

 Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a wonderful Nativity!

See what we did last year! 

Our topic last half term was “It’s a Bug’s Life!”

We have been finding out what lives in our school pond. We were amazed to find three newts in one of our dipping trays!




We have prepared the poly-tunnels to grow some fantastic vegetables. We took out all the old weeds, added fertiliser and have now planted some seeds.




All of our hard work has paid off and we recently started to harvest our lettuce. We gave it to the cook, and all enjoyed eating it at lunch time.



Foundation Multi – Skills

The Foundation children braved the hot weather and went to the multi-skills event. They took part in lots of different activities and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


Year 1 and 2 were a little luckier with the weather when they attended their Multi-skills event as the weather was a little cooler. Again lots of fun was had by all!



It’s a butterflies life!

This term we have taken care of some caterpillars, watching them grow and transform into beautiful butterflies. We named them Frank, Fred, Bob, Bert and Noddy (the sleepy one).           Their development has been exciting to watch and we were very lucky to see that they all made the transition into beautiful butterflies, despite the fact that Noddy managed to knock one of his brothers chrysalis onto the base of the netting!

The fabulous Painted Lady butterflies were successfully released.