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Vixen Tor Spring 1 Plan Stories from around the world

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Vixen Tor Parent’s Welcome Meeting

A very big welcome to a new year in Vixen Tor. We are all excited about the year ahead and have already started our journey.

This term’s topic is “Stories from around the World”

We are using story to discover different countries and cultures from around the world. These will include China, Gambia and other African countries, Australia and India. We will be designing and making our own puppets linked to the stories.


Reading and Phonics

During these early days of term, the children are being gently assessed on their phonic knowledge and reading ability. They will be given appropriate reading books and placed into their phonic groups according to this assessment.

The children will be heard read during guided reading sessions and will change their reading books at least twice a week.

How can you help?

As you hear your child read please complete their reading journal. Please write whether the children struggled on anything in particular during the reading. Ask the children to explain the story they have read so far, ask them to predict what might happen next or to give an opinion about whether they like the story and more importantly why. This understanding of what they have read is the essential part of the reading process and answering questions about a story is how their reading ability is tested. Practise any new sight words and phonic sounds is helpful, remember to change the order of these when learning and practising – you will be amazed how children can learn them in order without necessarily knowing the individual word. (Look out for a phonics workshop later in the term!)

If you are able to help out in school, hearing children read, please let me know.


Our PE lesson takes place on Tuesday afternoon. Please send your child with a PE kit on that morning. Please, please can you ensure your child’s name is in each item of clothing – you would be surprised how easy it is to mix up shorts!


Toast is sold each day at play-time. We also have fruit available to KS1 and foundation children which the children have access to should they want some. If you wish to send in your own snacks, these should be fruit or healthy snacks. As we have a child with serious allergies in school, we ask that under no circumstances should the snack contain nuts.


This will essentially be learning spelling words, keeping up with reading and will include a creative “make” activity linked with our topic during the term. Should your child have any issues with this homework, please let me know.

Thank you

I am always available to answer any worries or questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Sarah Ratcliffe