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2020-2021 Academic Year

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Autumn Term Class Letter

Topic Web Autumn 2020 Victorian Britain – Sheepstor

Spellings Autumn Term 2020

Stars Group – Week 2

Year 4 Term 1A Overview

Year 5 Term 1A Overview

Year 6 Term 1A Overview

Year 2019-2020 Activity Archive

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English Year 5 Summer Activity Booklet

English Year 5 Summer Activity Booklet Answers

English Year 6 Summer Activity Booklet

English Year 6 Summer Activity Booklet – Answers


Maths Year 5 Summer Themed Booklet – Questions

Maths Year 5 Summer Themed Booklet – Answers

Maths Year 6 Summer Themed Booklet – Questions

Trade Links Comparison


Tuesday 21st July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English 1 The Thick of the Crowd story

English 2 Worksheet – The Thick of the Crowd

English 3 – Mind-Map checklist

English Story Main actiity – Planning sheet + Example plan + Helpful Hints



Activity 1 Globalisation Sorting Cards

Activity 1 Globalisation worksheet

Monday 20th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English 1 – Gunfire text to read through.

English 2 Worksheet

English 3 – Mind-Map checklist



Activities for my teacher – Yr 5


Week Commencing Monday 13th July 2020

Friday 17th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English – Tips – creative story & Pic

YEAR 5 Spellings – Teacher copy

YEAR 6 Spellings – Teacher copy

Y5-Y6 Fun Friday-Challenge ACTIVITY

Y5-Y6 Fun Friday-Challenge ANSWERS

Art – Choose a Pic 

Improve your drawing and sketching – Guide


Thursday 16th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English Activity Toolkit + Checklist

Year 5 Lesson-4-Translation          Yearb 5 Lesson-4-Answers-Translation

Year 6 Questions Lesson-4-The-mean

Year 6 Lesson-4-Answers-The-mean

ART – Helpful Hints


Wednesday 15th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Jabberwocky worksheet

Year 5 Questions Lesson-3-Reflection        Year 5 Lesson-3-Answers-Reflection

Year 6 Questions Lesson-3-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts-2020

Year 6 Lesson-3-Answers-Read-and-interpret-pie-charts

Pics – Flowers of the Amazon Forest 2


Tuesday 14th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Jabberwocky Poem      English tasks 1 & 2

Year 5 Questions Lesson-2-Reasoning-about-3D-shapes

Year 5 Lesson-2-Answers-Reasoning-about-3D-shapes

Year 6 Questions Lesson-2-Circles           Year 6 Lesson-2-Answers-Circles

Improve your drawing and sketching skills

Pics – Flowers of the Amazon Forest


Monday 13th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English Poetic Conventions Worksheet

English Poetic Conventions Answer checklist

YEAR 5 Spellings – Words you need to know.

YEAR 5 Spellings Spot the Mistakes worksheet

YEAR 5 Spellings Spot the Mistakes Answer sheet

YEAR 6 Spellings – Words you need to know.

YEAR 6 Spellings Spot the Mistakes worksheet

YEAR 6 Spellings Spot the Mistakes Answer sheet

Year 5 Questions Lesson-1-Regular-and-irregular-polygons

Year 5 Lesson-1-Answers-Regular-and-irregular-polygons

Year 6 Questions Lesson-1-Draw-nets-of-3D-shapes

Year 6 Answers Lesson-1-Draw-nets-of-3D-shapes

PSHCE10 Fairtrade Sugar Facts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

PSHCE Chifundo Challenges worksheet


Week Commencing Monday 6th July 2020

Friday 10th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English Check List – First draft – Final draft

Y5-Y6 Maths Fun Friday Challenge ACTIVITY

Y5-Y6 Maths Fun Friday Challenge ANSWERS

Improve your drawing and sketching skills

Images for art


Thursday 9th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English Additional Guidelines & CHECKLIST

Year 5 Questions Lesson-4-Calculating-angles-around-a-point

Year 5 Lesson-4-Answers-Calculating-angles-around-a-point

Year 6 Questions Lesson-4-Angles-in-regular-polygons

Year 6 Lesson-4-Answers-Angles-in-regular-polygons


Wednesday 8th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning


English task – Analyse – Box Clever structure

Year 5 Questions Lesson-3-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line

Year 5 Lesson-3-Answers-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line

Year 6 Questions Lesson-3-Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals

Year 6 Lesson-3-Answers-Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals

IMAGES animals of the rainforest


Tuesday 7th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Box Clever Structure

Year 5 Questions Lesson-2-Drawing-lines-and-angles-accurately

Year 5 Lesson-2-Answers-Drawing-lines-and-angles-accurately

Year 6 Questions Lesson-2-Angles-in-a-triangle-missing-angles

Year 6 Lesson-2-Answers-Angles-in-a-triangle-missing-angles

Anazon Rainforest Animals Fact file


Monday 6th July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Year 5 weekly spellings and task        Year 6 weekly spellings and task

Cinderella-Grimm’s-tales        English task – Analyse – Box Clever structure

Year 5 Questions Lesson-1-Measuring-with-a-protractor

Year 5 Answers Lesson-1-Measuring-with-a-protractor

Year 6 Questions Lesson-1-Vertically-opposite-angles

Year 6 Lesson-1-Answers-Vertically-opposite-angles

Problems in the environment TASK


Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Friday 3rd July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Describing Setting Wordmat

English Check List – First draft – Final draft

Y5-6 Fun Friday Challenge ACTIVITY

Y5-6 Fun Friday Challenge ANSWERS


Thursday 2nd July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

English Text & Questions – 5 Palms Hotel – reading comprehension

English Text & Answers – 5 Palms Hotel – reading comprehension

English TASK – scaffolding sheet

TASK Orlando-Hotel-Advert Example text

Year 5 Questions Lesson-4-Dividing-decimals-by-10-100-and-1000

Year 5 Answers Lesson-4-Dividing-decimals-by-10-100-and-1000

Year 6 Questions Lesson-4-Ratio-and-proportion-problems

Year 6 Lesson-4-Answers-Ratio-and-proportion-problemsClimate change-reading comprehension text and questions

Answers climate change reading comprehension


Wednesday 1st July 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Advert-checklist and examples of adverts

Year 5 Questions Lesson-3-Multiplying-decimals-by-10-100-and-1000

Year 5 Lesson-3-Answers-Multiplying-decimals-by-10-100-and-1000

Year 6 Questions Lesson-3-Using-scale-factors

Year 6 Lesson-3-Answers-Using-scale-factors

Fair Trade Questions 1          Fair Trade Answers 1

Fair Trade Questions 2          Fair Trade Answers 2


Tuesday 30th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Persuasive Writing Checklist

Year 5 Questions Lesson-2-Subtracting-decimals-with-a-different-number-of-decimal-places

Year 5 Answers Lesson-2-Subtracting-decimals-with-a-different-number-of-decimal-places

Year 6 Questions Lesson-2-Calculating-ratio

Year 6 Answers Lesson-2-Answers-Calculating-ratio


Monday 29th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Year 5 Spellings and Task          Year 5 Answers Spellings and Task

Year 6 Spellings and Task

Year 5 Questions Lesson-1-Subtracting-decimals-with-the-same-number-of-decimal-places

Year 5 Answers Lesson-1-Subtracting-decimals-with-the-same-number-of-decimal-places

Year 6 Questions Lesson-1-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol

Year 6 Answers Lesson-1-Introducing-the-ratio-symbol

Science Reading Comprehension. All about our coasts.

Science Reading Comprehension Answers


Week Commencing 22nd June 2020

Friday 26th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Y5.6 spellings

Y5-6 Activity Maths Fun Friday

Y5-6 Answers Maths Fun Friday

Islamic Art examples


Thursday 25th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Year 5 Questions Lesson-4-Adding-decimals-with-a-differen-number-of-decimal-places-2020

Year 5 Answers Lesson-4-Adding-decimals-with-a-differen-number-of-decimal-places

Year 6 Questions Lesson-4-Volume-of-a-cuboid

Year 6 Answers Lesson-4-Volume-of-a-cuboid

ART Continuous Line Challenge



Wednesday 24th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Assessing and Improving Persuasive Writing Tasks 1,2,3

Year 5 Questions Lesson-3-Adding-decimals-with-the-same-number-of-decimal-places

Year 5 Answers Lesson-3-Adding-decimals-with-the-same-number-of-decimal-places

Year 6 Questions Lesson-3-Area-of-a-parallelogram

Year 6 Answers Lesson-3-Area-of-a-parallelogram

1. RE Justice Stories

2. Question sheet RE Justice Stories


Tuesday 23rd June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Task 1 Expression of certainty worksheet      Task 1 Expression of certainty answers

Task 2 Emotive Language worksheet         Task 2 Emotive Language Answers

Task 3 Developing reasons worksheet        Task 3 Developing reasons answers

Task 4 Using the present tense consistently worksheet

Task 4 Using the present tense consistently answers

Task 5 Rhetorical questions worksheet    Task 5 Rhetorical questions answers

Year 5 Questions Lesson-2-Percentages-as-fractions-and-decimals

Year 5 Answers Lesson-2-Percentages-as-fractions-and-decimals

Year 6 Questions Lesson-2-Area-of-triangle

Year 6 Answers Lesson-2-Area-of-triangle

1. Spot the dangers BEACH poster 1      2. Answers Spot the dangers BEACH poster 1

3. Spot the dangers HARBOUR poster 3  4. Answers Spot the dangers HARBOUR poster 3

5. Spot the dangers RIVER poster 26.   

Answers Spot the dangers river poster 2


Monday 22nd June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Year 5 Spellings and Task

Year 6 Spellings and Task

Task 1 Persuasive worksheet questions

Task 1 Persuasive worksheet answers

TASK 2a Samples of Persuasive texts to analyse

TASK 2b Features of a Persuasive Text Questions worksheet

TASK 2c Features of a Persuasive Text Answers

TASK 2d HELP SHEET Features of persuasive writing

Year 5 Questions Lesson-1-Understand-percentages

Year 5 Answers Lesson-1-Understand-percentages

Year 6 Questions Lesson-1-Area-and-perimeter

Year 6 Answers Lesson-1-Area-and-perimeter

Science History of Electricity Reading Comprehension

Science Reading Comprehension Questions

Science Reading Comprehension Answers



Week Commencing 15th June 2020

Friday 19th June Y5-6-online-learning

Fun Friday Challenge Activity

Fun Friday Challenge Answers


Origami- basic folds





Thursday 18th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Annotated The Tyger Poem William Blake

Features of a poem

Year 5 Questions Lesson-4-Order-and-compare-decimals

Year 5 Answers Lesson-4-Order-and-compare-decimals

Year 6 Questions Lesson-4-Miles-and-kilometres

Year 6 Answers Lesson-4-Miles-and-kilometres


Wednesday 17th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

HOT TIPS Draft a poem

Year 5 Questions Lesson-3-Rounding-decimals

Year 5 Answers Lesson-3-Rounding-decimals

Year 6 Questions Lesson-3-Convert-metric-measures

Year 6 Answers Lesson-3-Convert-metric-measures

The Bible worksheet

Books-in-the Bible-Worksheet


Tuesday 16th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Description of a Tiger worksheet

Year 5 Questions Lesson-2-Understand-thousandths

Year 5 Answers Lesson-2-Understand-thousandths

Year 6 Questions Lesson-2-Find-pairs-of-values

Year 6 Answers Lesson-2-Find-pairs-of-values

A refugee’s story

Refugee – Create a poster project


Monday 15th June 2020 Y5-6-online-learning

Y5 spellings & task 

Y6 spellings & task

The Tyger Poem     

Tyger challenge task sheet

Year 5 Questions Lesson-1-Decimals-as-fractions

Year 5 Answers Lesson-1-Decimals-as-fractions

Year 6 Questions Lesson-1-Solve-two-step-equations

Year 6 Answers Lesson-1-Solve-two-step-equations

Electrical_Components worksheet

Insulators and conductors worksheet


Week Commencing 8th June 2020

Have a lovely weekend:

Friday 12th June Y5-6-online-learning


Y5 & Y6 FUN FRIDAY Challenge_Certificates


Sea Shell Choice Sheet

Thursday 11th June Y5-6-online-learning

Writing TASK support

Year 5 Questions Lesson-4-Fractions-as-operators

Year 5 Answers Lesson-4-Fractions-as-operators

Year 6 Questions Lesson-4-Solve-simple-one-step-equations

Year 6 Answers Lesson-4-Solve-simple-one-step-equations

Wednesday 10th June Y5-6-online-learning

Prefixes question sheet  

Prefixes answer sheet

English TASK 1 Question Time

English TASK 2

Year 5 Questions Lesson-3-Fractions-of-an-amount

Year 5 Answers Lesson-3-Fractions-of-an-amount

Year 6 Questions Lesson-3-Substitution

Year 6 Answers Lesson-3-Substitution

Tuesday 9th June Y5-6-online-learning

ENGLISH Task 1 and Task 2 Acitivty Sheet

Year 5 Questions Lesson-2-Multiply-mixed-numbers-by-integers

Year 5 Answers Lesson-2-Multiply-mixed-numbers-by-integers

Year 6 Questions Lesson-2-Forming-expressions

Year 6 Answers Lesson-2-Forming-expressions

RE Challenge worksheet

RE Challenge answers

Monday 8th June Y5-6-online-learning


English:  Features to create tension and suspense


Year 5 Questions Lesson-1-Multiply-unit-and-non-unit-fractions-by-integers

Year 5 Answers Lesson-1-Multiply-unit-and-non-unit-fractions-by-integers

Year 6 Questions Lesson-1-Find-a-rule-two-step

Year 6 Answers Lesson-1-Find-a-rule-two-step


Electric Circuit Questions

Electric Circuits Answers

Week Commencing 2nd June 2020

Welcome back, hope you all had a reasonable half term.

Friday 5th June Y5-6-learning

Year 5 Questions Lesson-4-Subtract-mixed-numbers

Year 5 Answers Lesson-4-Subtract-mixed-numbers

Year 6 Questions Lesson-4-Percentage-of-an-amount

Year 6 Answers Lesson-4-Percentage-of-an-amount

Thursday 4th June Y5-6-learning


Sassy Sentences

Year 5 Questions Lesson-3-Add-mixed-numbers

Year 5 Answers Lesson-3-Add-mixed-numbers

Year 6 Questions Lesson-3-Order-FDP

Year 6 Answers Lesson-3-Order-FDP

Designing My Advertising Poster Worksheet

Wednesday 3rd June Y5-6-learning

Resources : Maths:

Year 5 Questions Lesson-2-Add-fractions

Year 5 Answers Lesson-2-Add-fractions

Year 6 Questions Lesson-2-Equivalent-FDP

Year 6 Answers Lesson-2-Equivalent-FDP

Tuesday 2nd June Y5-6-online-learning


English:  Christopher Columbus Diary

Maths:   Year 5 Questions Lesson-1-Add-and-subtract-fractions

Year 5 Answers Lesson-1-Add-and-subtract-fractions

Year 6 Questions Lesson-1-Fractions-to-percentages

                  Year 6 Answers Lesson-1-Fractions-to-percentages

Science: Activity Sheet Earth Moon and Sun Labelling Diagram

Activity Sheet Movement of the Moon Model

Moon Phases Wheel Visual Aid

Week Commencing 18th May 2020

Have a lovely week, remember it’s half term.

Friday 22nd -May-Y-5-6-online-learning

Thursday 21st-May-Y-5-6-online-learning

Resources:  Features-of-a-castle

EMOTIONS -emoji-random-generator-powerpoint

Year 5 maths:

Year 5 – Questions Lesson-4-Compare-and-order-fractions

Year 5 – Answers Lesson-4-Compare-and-order-fractions

Year 6 maths:

Year 6 – Questions Lesson-4-Decimals-as-fractions

Year 6 – Answers Lesson-4-Decimals-as-fractions



Year 5 maths:  Y5 Questions Lesson-3-Convert-between-Improper-and-mixed-numbers

Y5 Answers Lesson-3-Convert-between-Improper-and-mixed-numbers

Year 6 maths:

Y6 Questions Lesson-3-Divide-decimals-by-integers

Y6 Answers Lesson-3-Divide-decimals-by-integers

Using conjunctions

Tuesday 19th May Y 5-6 online learning

19.5.20 Resources – Y6 Maths – Lesson-2-Multiply-decimals-by-integers Lesson-2-Answers-Multiply-decimals-by-integers

Y5 Maths – Lesson-2-Equivalent-fractions    Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-fractions

Topic/DT – Inventors booklet

Monday 18th May Y 5-6 online learning

18.5.20 Resources: Year 6 Maths – Lesson-1-Multiply-and-divide-by-10-100-and-1000 Lesson-1-Answers-Multiply-and-Divide-by-10-100-and-1000

Year 5 Maths: Lesson-1-Area-of-rectangles    Lesson-1-Answers-Area-of-rectangles

Science: Activity Sheet Night and Day International Investigation

Online Learning – Week commencing 11th May 2020

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine! Here’s the start of this week’s learning.

Friday 15th May Y5-6-online-learning


Have a lovely weekend.   Mr Wood

Thursday 14th May Y5-6-online-learning

Resources:  Extract Chapter 12 – Quidditch match

Year 6 maths only:

Question sheet Lesson-4-Fractions-of-an-amount

Answers sheet Lesson-4 -Fractions-of-an-amount

Christian Beliefs

Wednesday 13th May Y5, 6-online-learning

Resources:  Reading Comprehension Extracts and Questions

Reading Comprehension Answers

Year 6 maths only:

Questions -Divide-fractions-by-integers


Create a family portrait step by step instructions.

Tuesday 12th May Y 5-6 online learning

Resources 12.5.20 English:Relative Clauses  Year 6 Maths:Multiply-fractions-by-fractions

Answers-Multiply-fractions-by-fractions   Topic: Steve Jobs Fact Sheet       Comprehension Questions Steve Jobs

Monday 11th May Y 5-6 online learning  Resources 11.5.20: Letter from Ambrosius Flume

Rotating Earth Instruction Sheet    Activity Sheet Sundial

Monday 11th May – Please click on these links to access Year 6 Maths Resources –

Lesson-1-Multiply-fractions-by-integers    Lesson-1-Answers-Multiply-fractions-by-integers

Online Learning – Week commencing 4th May 2020

Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend, relax and enjoy as much as you can!

Thursday 7th May Y5-6-online-learning

Resources:    Extract from Chapter 12 Harry Potter

Wednesday 6th May Y5-6-online-learning

Resources:  Harry Potter Chapter 7

Tuesday 5th May Y 5-6 online learning  Resources: Marie Maynard Daly ppt

Diet and The Heart Activity    High or Low Activity

Monday 4th May Y 5-6 online learning  Resources:4.5.20 Harry Potter extracts and questions Chapter 4

I hope you had a lovely weekend and are now refreshed and ready to start this week’s learning.

Activity Sheet Geocentric Versus Heliocentric Character     Activity Geocentric Versus Heliocentric Story

Online Learning – Week commencing 27th April 2020

Friday 1st May April Y5_6-online-learning              Make a Recycled Plastic Car – Instructions

Thursday 30th April Y5_6-online-learning              Teacher-Autobiography Proofreading and Editing Task

Wednesday 29th April Y5_6-online-learning

Tuesday 28th April Y 5-6 online learning  Resources – Powerpoint Alexander Fleming

Penicillin Effects Activity Sheet

Monday 27th April Y 5-6 online learning  Resources –   Planetary Fact Cards  Planetary Poster

Online Learning – Week commencing 20th April 2020

Friday 24th April Y5_6-online-learning

Thursday 23rd April Y5_6 online learning            Resources – Biography planning sheet


Wednesday 22nd April Y5_6 online learning       Resources – INFERENCE – Support

Musical Time Travel

Tuesday 21st April Y 5-6 online learning    Resources – Powerpoint Stephen Hawking

Monday 20th April Y 5-6 online learning

English Resources 20/4/20 – astronaut_chris_hadfield_biography    robert_falcon_scott biography    james_cook biography

Science Resources 20/4/20 – Activity Sheet Shape of the Earth Evidence Cards    Activity Sheet Scientific Ideas and Evidence

Online Learning – Week Commencing 13th April 2020

Tuesday 14th April Y 5-6 online learning                      The Lego Story Resources

Wednesday 15th April Y 5-6 online learning            Table square to 100


Thursday-16th-April-Y-5-6-online-learning      Table square to 100

Adverbials of time                      The Lord’s Prayer presentation

Friday 17th April-Y5-6-online-learning              Astronaut Biography _ Chris Hadfield.

Conjunctions Word Mat

Remember activities such as reading and practising times tables will also be hugely beneficial for your child.  When writing, can you please encourage your child to think carefully about using a wide range of punctuation and uplevelling their vocabulary – this has been a big focus in school this term, and they have made fantastic progress with this.  I have listed previously a range of websites which will help your child with their learning – they are full of good resources and will help to recap concepts.


Spring term 2020

I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

SHEEPSTOR Topic Web Spring Term 2020 Incredible Italy

Sheepstor Spring Term 2020 Homework

Sheepstor Spring 2020 letter parents


Link for R.E. competitions you can enter etc. Enjoy

The National Aquarium are live streaming their feeding on Wednesday 25 March 2020 at 11a.m. on Facebook – chance to see their Atlantic Ocean animals in action.  Thank you Mrs Ratcliffe. Follow the link for a fascinating opportunity:
If you find the videos difficult to play, just below the video screen are links to youtube etc – click – it’s worth a visit!
Nrich Maths – Fun games – Give it a go’! Test your skills with ‘Match the Fractions, Decimals and Percentages’. Remember! If two cards match – why do they match?     Easy?      Scroll down for a different level. Have fun!
Nrich link
Or try this one
Dear Children and Parents, please see additional resources below:
Year 5 Maths
Y5 Column addition of decimals
Y5 Counting up to find change and money differences
Y5 Counting up to subtract-solve subtraction problems
Y5 Mental addition and subtraction strategies
Y5 Written (vertical) subtraction-decomposition
Year 6 Maths:
Y6 Add whole numbers-Mental & Written strategies
Y6 Adding Decimals
Y6 Finding a difference-decimals and change
Y6 Subtract whole numbers-Mental & Written strategies
Y6 Understanding Decimals
Y5 English
Year 5 Day 1
Year 5 Day 2
Year 5 Day 3
Year 5 Day 4
Year 5 Day 5
Year 6 English
Year 6 Day 1 Harry Potter
Year 6 Day 2 Harry Potter
Year 6 Day 3 Harry Potter
Year 6 Day 4 Harry Potter
Year 6 Day 5 Harry Potter
Dear Children and Parents, I have uploaded some fun things for you to do at home additional to the packs taken home last Friday. Please feel free to try the websites and the activities, it’s okay to break away from the daily routine! Take care of yourselves!
Check out the P.E. with Jo Wickes! He will be doing a 30 mins PE session every morning at 9am aimed at children.
FUN COOKING Easter Crispy Cookies Recipe
MATHS FUN The Mystery of The Missing Lance St. Georges Day Maths Mystery Game
Times Table GamesTask 1 Advertise Your Town or Village

Autumn term 2019

Welcome back after the Summer, please find some useful information:

Topic Web Autumn 2019 World War II

AUTUMN 19 letter to parents


Summer Term 2019

Sheepstor Topic Web Castles Summer 2019

Summer letter to parents

Summer Term 2019 Homework Sheepstor

Spring Term 2019

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2019 in Sheepstor:

Spring letter to parents Sheepstor

Sheepstor Spring Term 2019 Homework topic 300 Years

Sheepstor Topic Web Spring 2019 300 years celebration

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back after the summer break, hope you had a great time.

Please find below:

Autumn letter to parents

Autumn Term 2018 Homework The Victorians Sheepstor Class

Curriculum Overview Autumn 2018 Victorian Britain

Summer Term 2018

Welcome to our traditionally hectic Summer Term!

This term our topic is “Britain Since 1948”. For more details see our topic web below:

Summer 2018 “Britain Since 1948”

In preparation for the Year 6 SAT testing in May, we are revising Year 5 and 6 spellings for 30 minutes daily. I will not be giving out weekly spellings to learn for the first half term as children are already practising for two and a half hours a week. If you (or your child!) would like additional weekly spellings to learn at home, please let me know – I’ll be happy to provide them!

We have a lot going on this term. Please ask children regularly for letters – many seem to get lost on the way home or left in bags. I will try to keep this page updated with letters and permission slips as well.

Forthcoming events:

Notre Dame Open Day – 25th April

Handball Tournament for Year 5 – 27th April  Primary Handball Parent Letter

Bank Holiday – 7th May

SATS week – 14th – 18th May


Please find Sam Waites’ presentation from Monday 8th January about our residential trip to Mountbatten attached. If you have any questions about the trip, please let me know and I’ll answer them (if I can!) or forward them to the relevant member of staff at Mountbatten.

Mountbatten School presentation 2018

Sex Ed Letter 2018

And happy New Year to you all!

Here you can find complete spelling lists for the first half of the Spring Term. These are useful for children who continually forget to take their sheets home! (You know who you are!)  Year 5 Spring 1 Spelling Lists   Year 6 Spring 1 Spelling Lists

Please find our new topic overview for Spring 2018 attached: Spring 2018 China

We’ll be studying Chinese geography, culture and the Chang dynasty as our topic. If you have any suggestions, ideas, personal experience, contacts or contributions to help us with our topic, they’d be very welcome!

Homework for this term will be sent shortly and posted here. For Year 6, I will be running a SATs revision club this term too, and would encourage all children to attend. Details to follow…


Dear Parents,

11.11.17. Thank you to everyone who attended the Parent Consultations this week. Sveral parents requested some additional materials to help the Year 6 children – I’ll add these over the next couple of weeks, starting with…

SPaG Activity Booklet

This is a very useful Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary guide with activities and quizzes covering all the elements of the Year 6 Spelling and Grammar (SPaG) test. It would be a great idea to download this and work through it in the months leading up to the SATs – it will reinforce everything the children are learning in class, as well as enriching their writing.

Just a couple of reminders for the Autumn term…

Uniform & PE Kit

There are still too many children forgetting PE kit for lessons on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please ensure children have PE kit in school for these days, and warm outer clothing for inclement weather.

Children in Sheepstor class are role models for the younger children in school, so please ensure children come to school in correct school uniform (including black school shoes) and school jumpers.

Homework and Spellings 

Thank you for helping the children complete some fantastic homework about WWII. We hope to have an open afternoon where the children can show and discuss their home learning later this term, so please encourage them to try some of the varied activities attached below.

There are still some children struggling with times tables. Knowledge of these is fundamental to making progress in maths so please help them practise these whenever possible – there are lots of games to secure these skills online ( is just one example!)

I am now using the valuable ‘Twinkl PlanIt’ spellings resource to generate the children’s weekly spellings. The spellings will still be handed out on a Monday, and all the spellings for the 2nd half of the Autumn Term are attached below:

Year 5 Autumn 2 Spellings   Year 6 Autumn 2 Spellings

The children will be tested weekly on a Monday. Please encourage the children to learn and practise their spellings regularly.

Year 6 children will additionally be given a weekly SATs-style maths test. It should take about 45 minutes to complete. Please let the children try this independently, but highlight areas where they are struggling so I can support them in school.

Statutory Spelling List for Years 5&6

These are the tricky spellings the children should be learning across the year, and trying to include in their written work wherever possible!

This half term we will be writing warning stories based on Pie Corbett’s story “The Caravan”. Our brilliant writers will be challenged to adapt the settings for their stories to wartime Britain. Check this page regularly to see how we get on! You can see the story map here

The Caravan

In History lessons we shall be looking at the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and writing a biography.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Mr Riley

Click here to see pictures of our visit to the South Devon Railway: Evacuees



Welcome to Sheepstor’s page for 2017-2018!

Our theme for the Autumn Term is the Second World War, and we have some great learning opportunities and activities for the children planned. You can see our overview planning for the term by clicking this link…

Autumn 2017 WW2

And our homework for this term can be found here:

Autumn Term Homework Sheepstor
















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Meavy C. of E. Primary

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