A message from the teachers!

We believe passionately that every child is individual and that every child’s journey through school needs to be unique to allow them to really fulfil their potential.

We are flexible and creative in our planning to ensure that every learning style is catered for. We are committed to child centred planning and use children’s ideas to set the topics for every year group. Topics frequently change course throughout the term as children’s interest is piqued by their research. We love to capitalise on that moment of enthusiasm and often find that the work that results is of fantastic quality.

Parents are always welcome in school! We have regular parent and child learning days and go on multiple trips every term. We believe that children who see things first hand make the most engaged and enthusiastic learners…even if this does mean 4 hours in the sea in a wetsuit on a freezing day (and yes these moments do test the resolve! but what is the point of being a teacher if you don’t commit fully!).

We love our schools! We believe that village schooling is a unique opportunity for children. The security children gain from being part of a close knit community and the reassurance they feel from the close link between parents and school is second to none.